Financial Management         
Last Update: January 15, 2004

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Professor: David A. Kunz PhD, CFM, CMA
Department: Economics and Finance
Office Address: RD236
Phone Number: 573-651-2326

Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course:

Financial structure and problems of modern business corporations.
3 Credit Hours 
Note: Completing this course with a C or better is a prerequisite for   BA490 as is the successful completion (C or better) of MG301, MG358, MI375 and MK301.


AC222, EC225, with a minimum grade of “C”, and a Junior standing.

Course Learning Objectives:

To survey the principles underlying the financial practices and the financial management of modern business organizations.   To learn fundamental financial principles, generalizations and theories.


To gain knowledge: terminology, classifications, methods, trends.


To learn to apply course material to improve rational thinking, problem solving and decision making.


To develop specific financial skills and competencies and their applications.


To emphasize the importance of financial management as it applies to financial activities and how financing decisions impact company profitability.


To overview capital markets and investments and their role in financing business organizations.

G. To develop writing communication skills in financial management.

Textbook and Other Required Material or Equipment:


Required: Text, Fundamentals of Financial Management; Brigham and Houston, 9th Edition, Harcourt, 2001.


Access to selected readings: Articles from business publications (Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes and Business Week) will be used to examine “real world” financial, ethical and international issues.


Required: Financial calculator. 


Optional: Fundamentals of Financial Management, Study Guide, Brigham, Houston and Clark, 9th Edition, Harcourt, 2001. (available at the bookstore)

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