Revised, Fall, 2002




1.   The objective of the MBA research paper or project report is to demonstrate fulfillment of the research component requirement of the MBA program.   This research requirement was established by the graduate school. 

2.   The summary of the procedures for preparing and filing of the MBA research paper are provided in the applied research manual for which the address follows: research manual.htm

  3.      Each MBA candidate will select a topic area of interest.

  4.      Each MBA candidate must have made arrangements with the faculty supervisor willing to approve the research paper prior to their registration in the last semester in the MBA program.  The form that needs to be completed and signed in the semester prior to the start of BA657 follows: form.htm

  5.    The Graduate Program in Business, the MBA, requires the use of the Publication Manual of the American Psycological Association (APA) as the guide for writing style unless specific request for another style is approved in writing by both the chair (faculty advisor) and the MBA Director.

  6.    The original paper and one copy must be filed in the office of the MBA Director by at least four weeks prior to the end of the semester

  7.    Both (1) Applied Research Acceptance Sheet and (2) Chair Evaluation of Project Form for the MBA research paper must be signed by the instructor from which the MBA applied research paper was approved and included with the final paper. See APPENDIX A below.

  8.   A letter from the MBA Director will be forwarded to the Office of the Graduate Dean indicating completion of this requirement for the MBA degree.







(Title of your Applied Research Project)

Submitted by (your full name) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Business Administration.

Accepted on behalf of the Faculty of the School of Graduate Studies and Research by the Applied Research Project Committee.

                                                              Name, Ph.D.   Advisor/Chair

______________________________    Name, Ph.D.   MBA Coordinator