Internship Opportunities

In all College of Business majors, there is an opportunity for students to participate in an internship and earn academic credit.

In some of the semester abroad programs through our exchange partners in 20 different countries, there may be an option to have an internship during the study period. 

Other Internship opportunities evolve in a number of different ways.  Often students find their own, though networking.  Perhaps where a parent or relative works has offices in a country in which you want to study.  Working through your cotact within the company, internships can often be found.

Alternately, students often write to selected companies enquiring about internship opportunities.  Web-searches can often locate companies which either specialize in locating internships or listing of companies which have internships available.

One option that we are now offering is the Summer Internship in Australia Program.  Although labeled "summer", we could arrange for you to do this any time of the year, and for durations as short as 2 months, up to a year.


Summer Internships in Australia

In conjunction with the Cultural Exchange Network and the Magellan Exchange, the Harrison College of Business is now offering summer internships in Australia. (Actually, we can arrange them any time of the year, from 2 months to 12 months in duration)  These will typically be two to three months in duration, and you would be working with  major multi-national corporations.

Australia offers an ideal location for a work experience.  It is English speaking, one of the safest countries in the world (far safer than any major US city), has a wonderful climate and affords the opportunity to see some of the Wonders of the World - from the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef.  Kangaroos and Koalas.  While there, you can also explore New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world.  And don't forget those Pacific Islands - Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti...

When and How to Apply: 

* You should apply three months before your planned work start-date.  So for summer, the end of February is recommended.  Come to the International Business Programs Office for application information (Dempster Hall 246)

Placement Cost:    

* There is a placement cost of approximately $2200 

Other Costs:   

* You will need to obtain a Work and Holiday visa,   The cost of this visa is approx. $400. This allows you not only to work for the internship, but you are allowed to accept any job in Australia for the duration of the visa.  So you could stay longer and work or vacation.

* Airfare.  Roundtrip airfare to Australia usually is around $1600-$2000.  This sometimes varies, and every now and then one can find a $1300 "bargain"

* Living Expenses.  On average the recommendation is to allow up t0 $2000 per month for food and housing.  Sydney is the most expensive city.  Other locations would be cheaper.  For a good website to help planning, go to

* Overall, with internship placement fees, visa, airfare and all living expenses, a 3 month internship/stay in Australia could cost $7800- $10,000.  Remember, though, you might save money on housing you might otherwise have to pay for in the U.S. 

* Tuition costs for the academic credits your are earning are usual SEMO tuition rates.


* Varies.  Some internships are unpaid.  Others pay $600 - $900 a month.  Some pay more.  In some cases, if you have impressed the employer, there may be a bonus at the end.  You will be provided with full details of the internship offer before you accept.  So you will know how much you will get paid.  Remember, too, you are free to accept paid employment at the end of your internship should you decide to extend your stay.  

Academic Credit:

* You can get credit for up to 6  hours of Internship.  Plus credit might be available for one of the College's International Business courses.