2 years = 2 Master's Degrees!

You can earn your Southeast Missouri State University M.B.A. degree plus a M.A.I.B.E. (Masters of Arts in International Business and Economics) from the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences, Germany.  And you can complete both in as little as 2 years. 

A similar program is available at the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen.

COURSEWORK IS IN ENGLISH - no German language skills are required!

Tuition waiver scholarships are available for the German coursework, and you can spend as little as one semester in Germany and meet the residency requirements, although 2 semesters in Germany is recommended.

Think what completion of two graduate degrees will do for your resume.  Your geographic job barriers will expand beyond the U.S.

Contact MBA@semo.edu for more information or visit our offices:

In Cape Girardeau; see Dr. Peter Gordon or Dr. Ken Heischmidt,  Dempster 246
In Schmalkalden; see Prof. Dr. Peter Schuster, 3rd Floor, Building C.
In Aachen; see Oliver Fuchs, Vice Dean, Faculty of Business, Eupener Strasse 70.

Scroll down for a planning schematic showing how the program works.

German credits are stated in European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).  These are transferred between universities at an established conversion rate. 

The upper line in the diagram labeled "U.S." indicated semesters at SEMO, showing 4 semesters of study.  Generally students should complete classes in the MBA core (rather than electives)  

A minimum of 15 hours of SEMO coursework credits (not including BA657 - Research Paper) is required to complete your SEMO degree  (assuming you transfer in 30 ects from FhS)

A maximum total of 24 SEMO credits can be transferred to Germany for the German degree.   Transferring in 24 SEMO credits will allow you to complete the required German credits in one semester.

The lower line labeled "Germany" indicates semesters in Germany.  The arrows indicate how credits are transferred between the two universities.

It is advisable (but not mandatory) for students to complete their first two semesters in Cape Girardeau, then one to two semesters in Germany.  (To complete the German coursework in 1 semester, you must have at least 24 hours of SEMO credits)

It is strongly advised to consult with your SEMO academic advisor AND the FhS academic advisor early in the process to ensure timely completion.

Completion of the German thesis will automatically meet the requirements for your BA657 Research paper. 

Total time should not normally exceed 4 semesters for both degrees.  2 semesters at SEMO, 1 semester in Germany + thesis (which you can complete anywhere)  You will be required to complete an oral defense of your thesis with your German thesis advisor.  This can be done in person or arrangements may be made to complete if via Skype (or similar)


Airfare -   $1100

Trainfare -    $80

Housing - $250-$300 a month (includes utilities)

Living Expenses -  Meals in the Mensa (cafeteria) are about $4 for a huge plate.  If you cook other meals in your apartment,  you can likely feed yourself for about $200-$250 a month 


For all MBA students:   The Harrison College of Business MBA association may have an airfare scholarship available to active members in the organization.  Make sure you are an active member during your semesters at SEMO in order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.   

Other scholarships may be available for overseas study through various departments in the HCB - check with the department for availability and also with Student Financial Services. 

If you have a graduate assistantship for your first 2 semesters at SEMO; you should enrol in a special year-long section of BA657 during your last semester of SEMO coursework (typically in the summer following your first 2 semesters at SEMO)  See Dr. Gordon for details of this.  (This enrolment should keep your SEMO email and library access available while you are overseas)

You will receive a tuition waiver for your semester(s) in Germany

You will also receive a scholarship of $1500 for your first semester in Germany.  If you stay a second semester, you may also be eligible for an additional $500 scholarship.  

Under current rules, you may be obligated to pay for one hour of GR699 in the semester in which you plan to graduate. 

If you do not have a graduate assistantship, you will still be eligible for the tuition waiver mentioned above for all classes taken in Germany. 
You should also enrol in BA657 as outlined above.


Press Release Announcing the program :

Southeast, German University Offer Dual Master’s Degree Program


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., April 20, 2006 – Southeast Missouri State University's Donald L. Harrison College of Business now has an intriguing new option available to graduate students interested in international business.

The Harrison College of Business has entered into a dual master’s degree agreement with the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, Germany. This unique agreement will allow students to complete approximately one year of graduate studies in Southeast’s master of business administration program and approximately one year in Schmalkalden's master of arts program in international business and economics and be awarded both degrees in the time usually needed to earn one, according to Dr. Peter Gordon, director of international business programs at Southeast.

“Having a recognized qualification from both a European Union institution and from an American institution will make graduates in high demand by multi-national corporations,” Gordon said.

The University of Applied Sciences - Schmalkalden is located in the eastern part of Germany, in the rolling hills of Thuringia. Initially established over 100 years ago as an engineering school, the business programs were added about 12 years ago, after the reunification of Germany. Prior to that, no business studies were offered in East Germany. 

"This is a university that has a long tradition of excellence, yet has the excitement and enthusiasm of a new university,” Gordon said. “I am pleased that UAS-S is our partner for the first such dual master’s program for Southeast. This will be one of the few such programs offered by colleges of business anywhere in the United States. We hope it may become a model for other cooperative programs with overseas partners in the future,” he said.

"This is a further step in internationalizing our curriculum,” added Dr. Gerald McDougall, dean of the Harrison College of Business. “We have had a long association with the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, and have found them to offer very strong academic programs. Adding the possibility of a European master’s degree is an exciting option for our students.”

Dr. Peter Schuster, international business coordinator at UAS-S, was similarly excited.

"Over the past seven years, more than 50 students have traveled between our two universities, as well as there being several faculty collaborations. It is exciting to take this new step at the graduate level to provide a more global educational experience for students from both universities," he said.

Prospective students can find out more about this exciting new option by contacting Dr. Kenneth Heischmidt, the director of graduate programs for Southeast’s Harrison College of Business, at kheischmidt@semo.edu.

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