Bill Weber

Professor of Economics

Southeast Missouri State University

Office:  206 Dempster Hall

Phone: 573-651-2946



Data, Papers, Programs, and Presentations


Data for "Dynamic efficiency and productivity:  Modeling and an Illustration"

Hedonic Labor Cost Index for the paper "Would Weighted-Student Funding Enhance Intra-district Equity in Texas?  A Simulation Using DEA

Aggregate Measures of Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Korean Banking Industry

Data on Regional Bank Stock Prices and Returns-For paper "Short-sell Moratorium Effects on Regional Bank Performance"

Interesting sites:

Marginal Revolution-An economic blog

The Library of Economics and Liberty-Issues and Insights in Economics

Centre for the Study of Living Standards

Resources for the Future-Environmental Issues

Political Economy Research Center-Environmental Issues

The Milken Institute-Economic analysis and commentary

The Brookings Institution

The Fraser Institute-Economic Freedom of the World Index and more

The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition

Data Sources

FRED-More than 300 data sets from the St. Louis FED

BEA-Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS-Bureau of Labor Statistics

Census-Bureau of Census

Human Capital and Earnings-Value of a College Degree

Mineral Statistics from the US Geological Survey

PENN World Tables, 1965&2000